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Because guests will likely spend the most time at your wedding seated at the dinner table (assuming you are opting for a formal seated dinner service), it makes a great impact on the guest experience when the table is dressed up nicely. Since every couple has very different styles, this post is going to be more about the anatomy of a tabletop setting rather than the style choices on tabletop rentals.

First of all, you should decide the type of table you want. Rounds? Squares? Long tables? A fun combination of these is always a great choice. If you’re going for rounds, 48″ or 60″ is recommended because anything larger will make it very hard for guests at that table to hold decent conversations.

If you choose a gorgeous table that doesn’t require a linen over it, that’s fantastic. However, if you do need a linen, there’s certainly no shortage of amazing linens for rental. Linens come in just about every color, texture, and fabric imaginable.

Because tables and linens take up so much space in the reception venue, they can really make an impact when guests enter the room, so it’s definitely worth it to splurge on ones that look and feel special.

Next, you’re going to need some chairs to fill those tables! Chairs make a great impact as well, because when you multiple that by the number of guests that you have, they are going to be a big part of the visual presentation of the reception room. Chiavari chairs are the current most popular choice, but like linens, there are endless amounts of options to choose from.

Once guests arrive to their assigned table, they will get to admire the beautiful place setting you have designed for them. Try renting charger plates so that the table setting has some texture to it. Then layer on an additional show plate on top to create even more texture. Nix the bread and butter plate–it clutters up the table in a not-so-pretty way, and guests can use their chargers when being served the bread.

The “icing on the cake” will be to finish off your tabletop with napkins, menu cards, flatware, and stemware. If you don’t have a wedding planner to help you with this, you should partner with your caterer in the rental selection process, so they can help you to identify the quantities types of flatware and stemware for the menu that you have chosen. The choices for these items are also endless, and you can customize your tables even more by choosing your napkin fold, placement of the menu cards, and whatever centerpieces you’ve chosen.

Have fun dressing up your tables!

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