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How To Prepare For Your Engagement Photos

Getting engaged is such an exciting time, and taking engagement photos is a great way to celebrate your new piece of jewelry and kick off your wedding planning process. Not only are engagement sessions fun and great to use for your Save-the-Dates, but it’s a great chance for your photographer to get to know you two a little better and have some experience working with and posing you as a couple before your special day. But what do you wear?

Just keep these tips in mind when choosing your attire, and you’ll be just fine!

Consider your location

Where are you doing the photos? You’ll want to dress appropriately for the setting. If you’re on a beach in the summer, you might look a little strange in long pants or a jacket. Or if you’re going to be in a forest or in the snow, you probably want to avoid the high heels for some more reasonable footwear. Taking the location into account is half the battle.

Don’t forget the weather

Of course, you can’t fully predict it, but try to consider the season and the area you’re in. Are you doing your photos in April when your area gets a lot of storms? Maybe prepare for rain then. Are you debating whether or not you’ll see snow in the next few weeks? Then plan for warm coats and thicker shoes or boots. Dressing for the weather is going to play a huge role in how your photos turn out.

Stay in your comfort zone

Sure, this may seem like a great excuse for a new outfit, and there’s nothing wrong with going out and adding something to your closet just for these photos, but don’t go to outside the box. If you’re uncomfortable in the outfits you wear, it’s going to show in your photos. If you don’t typically like wearing dresses and heels, then there’s no reason for you to do so for your engagement photos. This session is supposed to capture you as a couple and reflect your personalities.

Color schemes are everything

Neutral colors are always a good choice, and you should try to pick colors that compliment your skin tone. However, there’s nothing wrong with a bold pop of color, and it usually makes for some beautiful photos. Just be careful that you don’t overdo it with a lot of loud and different colors.

Put your wedding colors to use

You chose them for a reason, so this is a great time to hint at a piece of your wedding. Coordinate your wedding colors into your attire if they compliment your skin tones well.

Compliment but don’t match

You don’t have to actually match your spouse-to-be and odds are if you try you’ll end up with two slightly different shades of whatever color you’re wearing. The trick is to compliment your partner with coordinating colors (again why your wedding colors might be a great choice!).

Bring props

So this may not have to do with your attire, but it’s a must! Props make your photos so much more fun, and it’s a great way to incorporate your personalities and things you love into your session!

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