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Don't Forget These 10 Wedding Day Items

It happens all the time…couples are dressed and ready, everyone’s excited, and it’s only a few minutes until the ceremony begins, when all of a sudden, someone realizes that something has been forgotten.

Best case scenario: You hired a wedding planner and they either have a backup or an alternative to whatever it was you forgot.

Worst case scenario: Tears are shed. Panic ensues. What was a happy moment only a few minutes ago, is now a stress-filled disaster that 10 different people are trying to remedy.

Either way, it’s not an ideal situation for anyone, so try to prevent that by checking out the top 10 things that couples are forgetting on their wedding day.

10. Safety pins

You may be thinking, “Why do I even need these?” but safety pins are the best. Safety pins get used for something at almost every wedding. Decor keeps falling, the bride’s bustle ripped out, a bridesmaid’s dress won’t quite zip all the way. You name it, it’s happened, and probably been fixed with safety pins.

9. Pens for the guest book

Whether you buy a fancy pen solely for this purpose, or just grab a pack of Sharpie pens from Target, make sure your guests have something to write with if you want them to sign something. Otherwise, Uncle Bob is going to be sharing his one pen with 150 people, and he probably won’t be very happy about it.

8. Lighters

Have candles anywhere in your decor? Doing a sparkler exit? Everyone always plans for a beautiful event, but forgets the small pieces that actually make that event happen. The last thing you want is a mom or bridesmaid running out to pick up lighters during the reception, or having to run back in to light 200 candles before the ceremony.

7. The wedding bands

This one may seem obvious, but you would be amazed how many couples forget the rings! Even if you do remember them, make sure you also remember to give them to your Best Man, Maid of Honor, and/or officiant before the ceremony, so that they actually make it down the aisle with you!

6. Tips for your vendors

Whether it’s gratuities for the vendors that have done an amazing job for you, or just the remaining balance you need to pay before the start of the event, make sure that you plan for these, and don’t leave family or bridesmaids to deal with bills and tips at the end of the night. Put the checks/cash in marked envelopes and give them to your wedding planner or Best Man / Maid of Honor when you arrive.

5. The marriage license

You’ve done all this work to have your dream wedding, so you better make sure it’s legal! Remember to give your license to the officiant, and that they have two witnesses sign it, so that you can truly begin your married life together.

4. The cake knife/server

Don’t count on your caterer having an extra knife around that you can cut your cake with! Even if you don’t want a personalized keepsake, make sure you at least plan ahead and have something to get the job done.

3. To eat!

So obviously this isn’t an item like the rest of the list, but it’s so important, and so many brides are too busy, excited, or nervous and completely forget to eat something on their day. Make sure you have breakfast and lunch as you normally would and keep some light snacks and plenty of water on hand while you’re getting ready. You definitely don’t want to pass out walking down the aisle!

2. Cake box for your top tier

More often than not, the vendor that provided your cake will include a box for you to save your top tier of cake in. However, this is absolutely something you should confirm with them beforehand! If they’re not providing it, you need to get one. Hide it under the cake table or in a back room and designate someone to pack it up at the end of the night.

1. The garter

This is definitely the most common one. A garter (and garter toss) is obviously not required, but if you’re planning on having one, be sure to pack it with your things, and remember to actually put it on!

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