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Don't forget the guys: tips for choosing groomsmen attire

We talked recently about how to choose the perfect bridesmaids attire, but don't forget about your guys! They've agreed to be a huge part of your special day, so here are the perfect tips to having them look as handsome as ever!

Don't put it off!

Typically weddings gowns and bridesmaids' dresses are ordered months in advance, but the menswear always seems to be a last-minute item. Leave plenty of time to pick out just the right attire, and give everyone time for multiple fittings in the event that they need them.

Consider the rest of the wedding party.

If your other half is wearing a show-stopping gown and has bridesmaids' looks that scream black-tie affair, odds are you may not want suspenders, and khaki pants with no jacket. Talk to your sweetheart and coordinate your looks so that they compliment each other. It will only make your wedding look even better!

As with bridesmaid attire, a budget isn't always a bad thing.

We said it before, and we'll say it again! Talk to your groomsmen about what they can afford so you know what price range you need to stick to. They'll be grateful that you considered their budgets, especially if it's for a tux or suit they'll only be wearing on your wedding day!

Consider all the accessories.

There are so many options when it comes to suits vs. tuxedos, lapels, and one button vs. two, but there are even more options when it comes to accessories! Do you want everyone in ties? What about bow ties? Will everyone have cuff links (which make for a great groomsmen gift!) or pocket squares? Do you want everyone to have matching shoes? The possibilities with accessories are endless, but keep in mind the tips above about the overall style and budget, and you should have no problem deciding which add-on items work best.

Make it fun!

There are so many great groomsmen trends around today, so have fun with it. Have your guys wear some crazy socks, or even a fun patterned tie. Mix up the colors or even vary the boutonnieres. The sky is the limit, and the more fun you make it, the happier your guys will be to be involved.

Want an expert to help you find the perfect menswear? Give us a call! We'd love to help!

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