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Top 5 unique alternatives to a traditional guestbook!

Corn hole board guest book

For the couple who wants something unique or different than the traditional guestbook here are some great ideas, and some great reasons to embrace the change and try a new idea! While traditional guestbooks have a great sentimental value they can be difficult to display and many times end up tucked away on a bookshelf left to gather dust. Who wants that?! Not us and we bet you don't that either! Please note are not making any money from the companies listed - the info is shared to help you and to help the vendors as a "thank you" for sharing their images.

Jenga guest book alternative

So what to do instead...let's take a look at some of the options that have been trending lately and you can see if they fit you or maybe they will inspire you to create a new trend!

Let the games begin! Literally! Maybe you and your future spouse have a love of games - from board games to outdoor shenanigans there are a variety of ways to incorporate them into a wedding guestbook replacement that will keep those wedding wishes from all your friends and family out where you can enjoy re-reading them! Feature here are the corn hole board, photo credit: Jett Walker Photography or Jenga blocks, photo credit Janelle Rose Photography.

Signing on the matting for a photo is an ever popular trend as it allows the notes and well-wishes to be on display and showcases your favorite wedding image as well!

Photo credit: Amie Lou Photography

Photo frame guest book
Single letter monogram guestbook

Custom monogram board guestbook
Photo guestbook

Maybe you want photos of your guests having a great time at your wedding and love the idea of putting a fun spin on the traditional guestbook! Hire a photo booth and have guests place ​​a strip plus a message in a keepsake book!If having a photo booth is not in your can buy an instant photo camera (like a fugifilm) to take and instantly print images at your wedding that guests could then place in the photo guestbook along with their sweet notes! You can find these at many of your local craft stores. This book came from FabulousPhotoFavors and can be purchased on their site.

Let's end this blog on a totally unique idea - a PIÑATA! What?! How does this even really become a "guestbook"? Here we go, you have guests write notes and place them in the piñata that will be smashed open on your one year anniversary (or you could treat it like a "first fight" box and smash it open when you have your first married argument). At that time you would read all the wonderful things that your guests wrote and the advice that they shared! Want to buy one? Check out PinataPinatas on Etsy!

Wedding piñata guestbook

There you have it 5 fun and unique trends that are great alternatives to the traditional guest book! If you think of an awesome idea we would love to hear about it! Feel free to contact us here or share it in the comments! Prefer to chat? Well give us a call 307-632-2642!

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