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Last Minute Plans Every Couple Should Think About

You probably have a huge list of to do’s you need to think about while planning your wedding. It’s a pretty big list! As you get closer and closer to the wedding weekend often that comprehensive list ends up underneath the bottles of wine it took to finish your seating chart! But, putting these few things on the top of your mind during the last days before your wedding will help you to be sure you checked all the boxes on your to-do list.

Prepare Final Payments and Tips in Advance...

On the day of the wedding you’ll have a few vendors that require final payments and tips.

Prepare these in advance by writing thank you cards and dropping checks and cash for tips into pre-created envelopes. On the weekend of the wedding pass these envelopes off to your

wedding planner for dispersing to your vendors.

Pack a spare...

You’ve likely already heard about the wedding day emergency kit - if not then stay tuned for next month's blog! One thing we find our clients always forget is a spare of basic items like socks, pantyhose, and shoelaces (men's dress-shoelaces break all the time) while they may seem rather unnecessary that is far from true. These small items are your inexpensive insurance plan that you’ll have the items you need on your wedding day. You know, just in case.

Packing Food For the Wedding Day...

Hunger typically isn’t on your mind when you’re thinking of all the things you’ll have to be doing on your wedding day. Always be sure to plan a small lunch or late breakfast into the timeline of your day. Why is that? Because everyone gets hungry and no one likes it when the bride is HANGRY! How do you keep this from happening while still getting everything done? Prepare snacks for the wedding day that will keep the wedding party fueled and clean. Dry snacks, crackers, block cheese, grapes, and melon are easy to pack and are stain free.

Remember, once you’ve gotten dressed it’s best to stick to water with a straw!

Transportation for the Wedding Party...

Even if you’re planning to use a party bus or shuttle it’s important to consider how your

wedding party is going to make it from the ceremony to the reception site - to their vehicles -

and back home safe and sound. Likely, your wedding party will have carpooled to the photos or reception location leaving them stranded at the end of the evening. Spending a few minutes with your planner deciding how the wedding party will make it home safely and efficiently will not only make the last hour of your evening less stressful, but it will also provide peace of mind that your favorite people are taken care of.

Carry Emergency Cash..

By the time your wedding day arrives you likely think you’ve accounted for all the expenses. But it’s not totally uncommon to have little expenses arrive on the day of the wedding. These

include things like running out of a favorite beverage, that extra pair of socks we mentioned

above, or the umbrella you’ll need when it starts pouring rain on your wedding day. Plan for at least $200 in cash as a slush fund. Just in case something unexpected comes up!

Getting smart about these few last minute things will make all of the difference in the success

of your wedding plans.

Want to learn more about how we help our clients with the final details of their wedding? Reach out! We’d love to chat!

Thoughts, suggestions, or questions? I would love to hear from you email me or comment in the box at the bottom of the page. When commenting please put the blog title so that we can continue the conversation. Thanks!

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