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Five things you must ask a potential venue...

Now that it’s time to look for the perfect venue for your wedding, you’re likely spending a good amount of time placing calls to local venues and googling their services. You might have even looked at a few guides for what to ask your wedding venue. There are so many questions that it’s sometimes hard to evaluate the questions that are most important. In this post, you’ll learn the first five things you should ask a venue during your initial phone call.

What are your available dates?

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Most of the time you look through your calendar, talk with your family, and select the best workable wedding date for you. This seems like the best solution, however, you’ll find that by keeping a range of availability open that you’ll more easily be able to contract the venue that you want at the most reasonable price. Asking the venue what dates they have available is an easy way to get the most out of that venue for that particular date.

Do you have events near or before this date?

An event directly before your wedding can often leave you and your vendors with a shorter window for getting the preparations in place. An event the day before may also mean that you won’t be able to drop anything off. This doesn’t necessarily mean a venue isn’t worth selecting but it will help you to manage any expectation of you have of its availability.

How many hours are included in my rental?

Venues will include only a certain number of hours in your rental. Be sure this lines up with your ceremony times, your guest’s arrival, and the ending of your reception. Many times, hours above and beyond what’s included are charged additional fees. Be aware of this before securing your venue.

Do you have a food and beverage minimum? Or a spending minimum?

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Venues often place a minimum amount you must spend in order to use the space. The amount will depend on the location and its price point. You need to be aware of this minimum so that if your guest list falls below what you’re expecting or if your budget isn’t fully established you’re aware what will happen. Being aware of the restrictions or minimums is incredibly important in making your final venue selection.

What are your cancellation policies?

Often times, you think that if you cancel your wedding, you should be able to get a refund…. and you most certainly wouldn’t need to pay for NOT having a wedding. But venue contracts aren’t quite that easy. Many venue contracts include rolling cancellation policies where you’ll be asked to pay into the venue if you cancel after a certain amount of time. Be sure that you understand this clause before signing the contract as it’s likely the most important piece of the agreement.

By asking these five questions when you first talk with a potential venue, you’ll be able to easily assess who has the best availability, what venues will be the easiest to work with, and which contracts and policies are most in line with your needs and budget.

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