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Holiday memories and treats!

Popcorn Balls

Can you believe it is December already?! Me, either! So this holiday season I wanted to share one of my favorite family traditions, making popcorn balls!! Every year since the dawn of time...well at least since I was a kiddo... my family has made popcorn balls. Until recently I was always just the "shaper" - the one who made the sweet mixture of popcorn and

gooey deliciousness into their classic orb shape, but a couple of Christmases ago my

grandma taught me how to make these sweet buttery gems myself (she is in her

90s so she felt it was time I should learn). Her recipe yields results almost identical to the one on Karo corn syrup's website: (

so I have linked it here since it has actual exact measurements. Grandma's version is a extremely vague (typical of the way old recipes are a dash of that and a splash of this), so I did my best to estimate how the recipe goes - but the popcorn quantity is personal preference as long as they shape into popcorn balls you are good to go! If you undercook the sugar mixture the popcorn balls will not solidify and if you over cook the mix the popcorn balls will be extra crunchy.

This is a great recipe to play with as mistakes are inexpensive AND you can customize it to make it yours! So if you love chocolate add some. Do you like spicy? Then add a dash of cayenne! You want them to look a little more festive? Sprinkle with candy jimmies. Endless combinations and customizations....just like your wedding! (see this is still about your wedding!)

This holiday season, spend some time relaxing and enjoying your family. Make family recipes or create new traditions! I would love to hear how you celebrate and if you would like to share a family recipe that would be AMAZING!

From our family to yours may you have a joyous holiday - Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa...if I missed your particular festivity please accept our warmest wishes!

Thoughts, comments, suggestions? I would love to hear from you so feel free to email me at or comment in the box at the bottom of the page. When commenting please put the blog title so that we all know which topic you are interested in. Thanks!

#holiday #Christmas #memories #family

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