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Money, Money, Money - tips for the budget!

Wedding Budget!

How do you keep the wedding dream alive and on-budget? Wait, budget, what budget? Ok, so take a step back and a deep breath. Let's talk numbers, and while it may not be the most romantic moment of your wedding it will be a sanity-saving discussion.

What is the bottom line? The answer to this is as varied as the styles of weddings available. So sit down with the love-of-your-life and talk, just the two of you (no family or friends for this initial conversation) about what you feel comfortable spending. Once you have agreed to a total dollar amount, you need to meet with anyone else that is contributing to the wedding's spending plan, typically parents but if there are others who have offered monetary contributions they should be included in this discussion. Clear boundaries need to be explained so that there is no confusion. For example if Grandma is giving you cash make sure that you either know what she expects the cash to be used for (and that you are ok with that) or that you explain how grateful you are and what you plan on using the money so that she is clear on your plan. A majority of the time the person giving the monetary gift is fine with your choice, but sometimes the giver has requests so this conversation keeps everyone on the same page.

Money saving tips to the rescue!

Saving cash versus the completely open bar:

  • Host the cocktail hour and then switch to hosting only beer and wine for the reception.

  • Host beer and wine all night with one or two specialty cocktails.

  • Going alcohol free? Consider offering a fun beverage station where guests can add flavored syrups to their sodas!

Venue/Caterer cost cutting:

  • Ask if there are less expensive dates or times available.

  • Skip the passed appetizers - if you are offering appetizers during the cocktail hour have stations where guests can serve themselves.

Cutting the Cake (budget):

  • Enjoy a small bridal cake for photos and the cake cutting, but serve sheet cake for the guests.

  • Cake alternatives either with a small bridal cake or skip the wedding cake and just enjoy the alternatives from doughnuts skewers (image courtesy to cheesecake - real cheer rounds or the NYC delicacy!

Floral/Décor savings:

  • Vases with candles create a warm romantic atmosphere and when you alternate them with floral centerpieces you can reduce your spending.

  • Consider tablecloths in your wedding colors to add color and go with all candle centerpieces which can save you money if you are not into floral centerpieces.

Solo guitarist

DJ/Entertainment budgeting:

  • DJ's in general are less expensive than a band so consider having a DJ for the cocktail hour and the band for the reception (or vice versa)

  • Hire a soloist (instrumental or vocal) for your ceremony rather than a trio or quartet

Hire a wedding planner. While this may seem like an additional cost, an experienced wedding planner will ultimately save you money, time, and reduce your stress which will allow you and your loved ones to enjoy the entire wedding! A couple of ways a wedding planner can assist in reducing your wedding spending:

  • knowing which options could be costly and alternatives that could save you money (like the information throughout this article!).

  • keeping you on schedule which will avoid late-fees or rush order fees.

Thoughts, suggestions, or questions? I would love to hear from you email me or comment in the box at the bottom of the page. When commenting please put the blog title so that we all know which topic you are interested in. Thanks!

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