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Oh so trendy!

Wedding trends are forever changing! What is on the horizon this winter and spring wedding season?

Cake - Tiers, yes, many tiers! While the cupcake trend is still hot, we are seeing wedding cakes with at least three tiers whether the cake is naked or encased in fondant! This cake was designed by LA Cups and Cakes.

Invitations - A shift away from glitter and a step towards metallic foil on invitations which provides a sleek shine instead of a shimmery sparkle is a new trend on a national level, but hasn't quite made it to our region. I would bet we will see this change within the next few months. As glamor is always popular in wedding looks whether glitter or foil!

Color - Bright color palettes are on the rise! While pastels still reign the Pantone color of the year many couples are integrating bright pops of color or choosing vibrant colors throughout. This is a national trend and something we are seeing here in our region too! Here is one of our recent weddings with bold colors.

Themes - Holiday season is upon us and this leads to theme weddings from fall harvest to winter wonderland weddings! Here in our region we see a burst of weddings right at the beginning of fall and then another as the snowy season arrives. This trend has been present for years now and it seems to be holding true this wedding season too.

Designs -Pick up any wedding magazine from the regional editions by Rocky Mountain Bride to Brides and you can see that the “rustic chic” or “natural country” look is still a hot trend. Look a little closer though and you will notice that the rustic and country look is gaining a touch of refinement. Mason jars seem to have had their moment in the spotlight and are being replaced with sleeker vase designs like glass and metal terrariums. Greenery and garlands abound! From archways to tabletops use of lush greens to create a garden oasis throughout the ceremony and into the reception. Once again, this is a national trend that is already showing up in our local weddings. This bride and groom focused on greenery and the glow of candlelight creating a romantic natural design.

Follow your heart because your wedding should reflect you as a couple! If a trend feels wrong for you do not use it. There are an infinite number of looks, colors, flowers, and styles to select from so feel free to embrace the ones that fit your personality. This will ensure that when you both look back at your special ceremony and beautiful reception you love it as much as the day you were married!

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